Quadruped locomotion

The aim of this project is to develop a complete framework that can autonomously generate, adapt, control and plan complex motor behavior for articulated robots with many degrees-of-freedom (DOFs) .
We focus the topical issue of robust, flexible and adaptive goal-directed quadruped locomotion in unknown, irregular terrain, modeled as discrete, sensory-driven corrections of the locomotion rhythmic patterns.
We address the problem of developing a closed-loop controller architecture inspired in the functional model of biological motor systems that can online and autonomously generate and adapt movements that have both discrete and rhythmic primitives.

The proposed architecture will be able to independently:

  1. Generate different gaits
  2. Select and switch between the gaits according to the sensed situation (for instance speed) and/or the behavioral context
  3. Online adapt gait and posture to the environment and body changes
  4. Adapt to perturbations and uncertainties
  5. Steering
  6. Reaching
  7. Online reduce locomotion-induced head movement

It uses dynamical systems theory for:

  1. Generating complex movements that smoothly superimpose and/or switch between discrete and rhythmic primitives
  2. Easily control the switch between the possible movements
  3. DOFs coordination
  4. Easily integrate multiple types of sensor-feedback pathways
  5. Modulate the movements according to these feedback pathways
  6. Planning.
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