Legged robot with dynamixel servos

The goal of this project is to explore the development of several types of legged robots, e.g. quadruped and hexapod.

As a starting point we will use digital dynamixel servos and the controller used with Bioloid's kit.
The main objective is to study the limitations of such hardware for the development of a legged robot, so that we can expand its features and improve its characteristics.

In this work we will:

  • Design a legged robot
  • Study hardware limitations on:
    • Servo actuation
    • Processing power
    • Sensory information
    • Bandwith and refresh rate
  • Improve robot characteristics
    • Design new structure harware using fast prototyping techniques
    • Apply new sensors and electronic hardware
    • Develop new processing controller
People involved in this project: 
Project status: 
Project in progress