Implementation of ROS in bipedal robot

In this project we will implement ROS operative system for an autonomous biped robot.

This project serves the main goal of a learning exercise to use ROS, a meta-operative system widely used in research. e.g. Example of ROS using robots
We want to explore ROS features for the development of autonomous robots in legged locomotion, navigation and other general problems.

It is expected that the students learns and understands the concepts and philosophy behind ROS, and manages to implement a sample application integrated with Webots simulation enviroment.

The project is essencially embedded systems and software engineering for autonomous robots. It requires previous experience with Linux/UNIX and a good knowlege in embedded system and cross-compilation.

Tasks to tackle:

  • Study and understand ROS
  • Small summary and presentation about ROS
  • Develop a small example integrating Webots and ROS
People involved in this project: 
Project status: 
Project in progress