Robotic locomotion combining Central Pattern Generators and reflexes

This work addresses the field of the quadruped locomotion generation through the implementation of bio-inspired concepts. The ultimate goal of this work is the development of a new controller capable of generating robotic locomotion based on Central Pattern Generators (CPGs) and reflexes, more resilient to external disturbances and more robust to noise coming from imperfect sensors and actuators. The underlying idea is that one could combine feedback and feedforward signals. In this context the mechanism of the CPG would provide for an internal model of the controlled mechanical oscillations during locomotion.
The projected controllers were implemented in the simulated Oncilla quadruped robot, with position controlled hips and retractable passive compliant knees.

People involved in this research: 
rc_delay12ms.avi12.09 MB
rc_flatloadruido.avi12.03 MB
rc_load.avi11.84 MB
rc_ruidodelay12ms.avi12.13 MB
rc_streflexoff.avi5.93 MB
rc_streflexon.avi5.73 MB
rc_streflexon_noisedelay.avi6.24 MB
rc_withoutload.avi11.77 MB
rc_rampvroff.avi17.74 MB
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rc_rampvron_noise.avi17.47 MB
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